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Zol, 24 Lharvion, 999
Edouard Kirod, Reporter

The skies over Thrane were lit by fiery blasts early this morning. Witnesses report a distant sound like thunder and a series of orange explosions.

Gered Biran, a shepherd near Daskaran, saw the celestial event. “Naw, this was closer to the ground than some shardfall. I saw explosions just like that in the War. Someone tossed off a few bottles of fire, the shadows looked like they hit an airship. Poor saps. Someone on that ship was a mage, you mark that! Big ol’ fireball in the sky.”

Speculation abounds regarding the source of these explosions, but it seems likely some aerial conflict has occurred. House Deneith spokespeople have declined comment about any operations in the area, and House Lyrandar has confirmed there are no official House airships using such a route. It is also possible an adventuring group is involved. Current knowledge is that the League of the Violet Rose is in the Shadow Marches, and the paramilitary Drake Dragoon has undertaken a quest to Argonnessen. Of the groups with the resources to either charter or attack an airship, only Zack’s Commandos is known to be nearby.


Zol, 24 Lharvion, 999

A group of human males was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy against the Crown. Arrest occurred 24 minutes after Fifth Bell. Emerald Claw paraphernalia was discovered hidden among their personal effects. Four conspirators will be placed in the stocks at Center Market for three days. A fifth will be publicly executed, by hanging, this Sar, 28 Lharvion, 999. Execution will take place at the gallows at Center Market.

Five counts of stolen food were reported in Center Market. Three suspects were apprehended, identified, and punished by the lash.

A brawl was broken apart at The Phylactery. Four human males, two dwarven males and one female, and one changeling were arrested as instigators. The humans and dwarves will remain imprisoned for two days unless released to bail. The changeling will be placed in the stocks at Center Market for two days.

A skeleton was mistakenly loosed in the tanning district, injuring three human females. The necromancer responsible has been fined 250gp plus medical expenses.

Two students on leave from the Academy were arrested for public drunkenness. Custody was transferred to the Academy.


Zol, 24 Lharvion, 999
Holben Marsh, Reporter

VARNA— House Orien’s latest foray into the Reach has hit another snag, according to house spokespeople.

The House recently completed a lightning rail route from Passage, in Aundair, to the small Reach city of Varna. Orien now hopes to extend the route into the Reaches, connecting the port of Merylsward to a greater trade hub. The project has met with several problems along the way.
Yoren d’Orien, foreman for the project, explains the latest snag. “We originally hoped to bring the rail along the same path as the existing trade roads, through Redleaf and on up the Wynarn River. Unfortunately, that ground proved too rocky and steep, so we had to find an alternate path.”

The Wynarn River flows northward from Lake Galifar to Eldeen Bay, dropping in altitude through some of Khorvaire’s most spectacular waterfalls. Lightning rail coaches do not work smoothly over such sudden drops in terrain.

“We determined, after surveying the land, that a direct route to the town of Alvirad would work well, skirting the farmlands of Wolf’s Paw and avoiding forests. Then, we would have to cut a 50-foot-wide swath through the northern forest to reach Merylsward.”

And there, dear reader, do we see the problem. Aspen Softpaw, representative of the Wardens of the Wood, was on hand to discuss the issue.

“When we agreed to open the deep Reach to Orien’s ‘expeditionary taskforce,’ it was not to allow the wholesale destruction of over 60 miles of forest. The proposed route to Alvirad is difficult enough. The Wardens agree that greater trade through the Reach is necessary if we are to support our population, but this is too great a cost.”

The two factions have once again sat down to discuss the possibilities for Orien’s future in the region.

“I will say, despite the issues we’ve had, I appreciate the Wardens’ willingness to look for a solution,” said d’Orien. “The Reach is a friendlier place than many I’ve worked. I know we’ll find a way to bring the Reach’s offerings to a wider population.”


Zol, 24 Lharvion, 999
Carinna Devnan, Reporter

GHALT—Here in the southeastern fields of Aundair, the night air is often rent with the wails and cries of the tormented dead. The Crying Fields, site of innumerable battles across history, is rife with the spirits of the fallen. The Fields are often aglow with luminous wisps of spirit matter, drifting through the tall grass, moaning their torment to the world. Recently, however, it seems the souls of the dead have grown increasingly restless.

“Oh, yes. They’re much less quiet this season.” Filomena Resally is a housekeeper on the Nathis estate on the edge of the Crying Fields. “The vineyards go right up to the edge of the Fields. You can always tell the wine made from those grapes—tastes like copper and iron—Lady Nathis uses a special label for that. ‘Blood and Swords,’ she calls it. Oh, but look at me go on. I can see the Fields from my cottage. If I wait too late to bring in the laundry, and have to go out after dark, I can see ’em, floating around and wailing.”

Resally is used to the spirits now. She grew up in the area east of Ghalt, and has seen them often. “We used to go right up to the wall, there, see who could stay the longest. But now, I wouldn’t play those silly games. Recent nights, the whole field has been covered in ghostlight. I have to pull the curtains just to sleep. And the moaning keeps my little ones up!”
Experts are unsure as to why the Fields are so active at this point in time. Fergus ir’Sallasin, a local historian and self-described “planar cosmologian,” has an extensive knowledge of the Fields and their history.

“In times that Dolurrh has been coterminous to our prime material plane, the Fields have shown greater activity. But Dolurrh is deep in its declension now, and will be entirely remote next year,” Sallasin explained. “There are other possibilities, but for the kind of activity we’ve seen recently, some kind of powerful necromancy would have to be at work.”
But Sallasin doesn’t believe that’s the case, either.

“My studies show a heretofore unknown alignment of planes is about to occur. Not only that, but I have discovered a plane never before known, one which I believe connects several of the darker planes on a cosmic level. I have named the plane Salazar, and expect to publish a treatise on the plane and its properties within the next year. It is my stipulation that this upheaval in the Fields is a symptom of Salazar’s connectivity with several planes, and that when our material world melds coterminously with the realms of Salazar, we’ll see even more of this sort of activity across Eberron.”

Other scholars disagree. Verelain, the Chief Mentor of Planar Studies at Arcanix, had this response.

“Although it is true that Dolurrh is fading into its remote stages, Shavarath, the plane of eternal battle, will become coterminous to our plane within the next year. Daanvi recently entered the second phase of its declension, as well. Both these planes may affect the Crying Fields, and the receding power of Daanvi may allow the rising strength of Shavarath greater sway than it normally would hold.”

When Shavarath is coterminous—a state which will last nearly a full year—ancient battlefields the world over grow restless, and storms of blades and blood are known to join the spirits of the dead.

“As for Sallasin’s—I hesitate to call them, theories— regarding a new plane in the cosmos,” Verelain added, “I can assure you, no such thing has come to pass.”

Even Sallasin’s neighbors have more reason to trust the esteemed mentor of Arcanix.
“It’s not my place to speak ill of my betters,” Ms. Resally explained, “but that Sallasin’s always been a bit cracked. Running around in the Fields of a night, shouting at the skies…I’ll just keep shutting my curtains. Can’t worry myself about his snarks and gremkins, now can I?”


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