Recent Events

After the “training session,” the party accompanied Mattasin to the warforged wizard’s cell. During the interrogation, Z made it clear that she has much more history with the warforged than she’s let on, and it’s left a pretty big chip on her shoulder. The wizard revealed he was working on behalf of the Lord of Blades, though not under any direct orders. The ’forged raid on the academy was made possible by a tipoff from a mysterious small person, one who sounds an awful lot like the same fellow who sent the rogues after the party in the street.

Before the party left the cell, Dean Nathalis, the spymaster, interrupted and held a brief powwow with Z which hinted at an Emerald Claw conspiracy within the academy. The party then decided to have a chat with the school’s Headmaster, Dean Calvin ir’Falkorin.

Falkorin was largely cooperative, though it was clear his sympathies lay with the Emerald Claw—or at least the original Claw, before they were disbanded by the state. He had little to say about the current state of the organization aside from that they were misguided and should know better than to act as terrorists. The interview was cut short when a student burst into the room and had a brief conversation with the headmaster. Falkorin, agitated despite his unflappable demeanor, ejected the party from his office and quickly left, himself.

During the brief interlude, Zeke was able to see a document on Falkorin’s desk, a request through House Sivis to gain access to someone’s personnel files. Where the request was sent and whose file was requested was not discovered.

Through the secret passages of the walls, Raaksaat was able to eavesdrop on much of Falkorin’s conversation, discovering that a pair of students had been killed. Later, another student and Dean ir’Kerrith (the lady-dwarf and retired Karrnathi Corporal) were dispatched to dispose of the bodies.

Revealing that she was technically a deserter, Z explained that the file request was probably for her own dossier, and that Falkorin may be seeking to execute her—and likely the rest of the party by association— for treason. With this in mind, the party split: Z, Zeke and Vanguard followed Dean ir’Kerrith on her mission to get rid of the students’ corpses while Raaksaat and Ajax stood watch to intercept the House Sivis messenger with the file.

Moving into a series of tunnels beneath the academy, the trio of PCs followed Kerrith to a disused infirmary in another wing of the school. Kerrith and her companion brought a pair of bodies from the infirmary into the tunnels, where the party moved to intercept them. Z immediately fascinated the student, moving him out of harm’s way. Kerrith proved a canny fighter, especially in the close quarters of a subterranean tunnel, and nearly incapacitated the party. She took a moment to explain that she cared little for the deaths of a traitress and her companions, and that they had no clearance to enter the notoriously unsafe tunnels anyway. With that, she began to bring the walls down around them. A series of rays from Zeke and Z took her down before any lasting damage could be done.


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