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Wir, 4 Lharvion, 999
Pellith Jorseed, Reporter

The bizarre theft of several tons of merchandise delivered to the fifty-seventh level of historic Morik Tower came to an end last night, as a group of Sharn Watchmen discovered the stockpile of product on an abandoned warehouse level.

“All the stolen items have been accounted for, including several crates discovered at a separate location,” said Watch Captain Jarrik Dolom, the officer in charge of the task force. When asked to elaborate on the circumstances surrounding the thefts, Dolom declined comment.
The bulk of the stolen material was discovered two levels below the thief’s hunting grounds, in a long-abandoned section of Marik Tower. Locals typically stay clear of the level, knowing many of the floors are rotten through.

“I wouldn’t go up there. Most of us on five-four have spent the money to reinforce our ceilings, that’s how bad it is!” Kelben Farth, a warehouse foreman in Morik Tower, has worked there for 34 years. “Someone would have to be really stupid to store that much up there. Stupid, or weightless!”

Other witnesses to the Watch’s activities have confirmed a small pallet of Talenta merchandise was found near the entrance to a disused warehouse owned by House Cannith on level 57. Though Dolom again declined comment, area workers confirm that windows and a door to that warehouse were broken open, indicating the thief was likely surprised in his work and forced to flee. Charred crates and a splintered cargo hatch point to a likely battle, although no witnesses were present to confirm such speculation. Some, however, gave insight into the nature of the thief. Fellerick Drist is a caretaker for a nearby warehouse on level 57.

“I saw somethin’, sure! A floating metal face, almost as high as my window! Like a warforged, but flying, and no body! And not long after, there was this great bird, looked made of rock. Strange theft, strange people…I know they’re connected!”

Besides a floating head and a bird-construct, Drist saw little. " I just put my head back down on my pillow, though, and rolled right back over. Too much magic there for me. And if those warforged can run around without a body now, I want no part! But you believe it, I called that Dolom first thing the morn."

Possible motives to the theft are still unknown; aside from their Talenta origins, the stolen goods were disparate in nature, ranging from textiles to herbal remedies and dinosaur hides. All the items have been returned, and shoppers throughout Sharn can rest easy knowing there will be no shortage of halfling-made product this season.


Wir, 4 Lhavion, 999
Edgin Dowrik, Special Correspondent

SHARN—Although the officers of Sharn’s City Watch recovered the stolen goods in Morik Tower, they were unable to capture any wrongdoers. Events last night suggest that not only are there criminals still at work, but the intrepid inquisitorial force of Zack’s Commandos is in the forefront of the investigation!

Only days after their exploits in Xen’drik, the group of adventuring heroes has already resurfaced in Sharn, leaving no time for your servant of the scribe to rest! Never one to shirk his duties, this reporter is already on the trail of this breaking story, speaking to those closest to Zack and his team.

“Brother Ajax is simply the best man for most jobs,” piped Salliwether Fairgood, a novice in the Church of the Sovereign Host. “I was so honored to be part of a small group selected to go with him into Morik Tower.” The diminutive neophyte, clearly overcome by the experience of working with so great a man, paused in her morning training to give you, Gentle Readers, the latest stories surrounding Ajax the warrior priest and the other Commandos. “We went late at night, me and a few other novices, Brother Ajax, and his companions. There was the wizardess—she’s a grim one, she is—and a giant stone man, I suppose he must have been warforged. While we watched the elevators, he turned into a great bird and patrolled the alleys from the sky!”

And here we have the crux of the matter, Dear Readers: yet another new addition to the roster. With the skilled bow of Elgon nowhere in evidence, and the untimely disappearance of the Kalashtar Maellana Lashtari, Zach has refilled his ranks with another spell-slinger, the sour-faced Karrnathi known only as Z, and a shapeshifting warforged, apparently of considerable size! Ms. Fairgood’s narrative describes the night before Captain Dolom of the Watch recovered the stolen goods:

“We novices spotted a floating arm moving down a road near the elevators. Brother Ajax, the warforged and I found a trail; it appeared there was a creature of some sort moving invisibly. It must have stepped out of the bounds of the spell just enough for us to see its limb. We followed it to a warehouse, where the door flew open and the chase was on in earnest! As the invisibility wore off, a pallet of crates dropped from about three feet in the air to block the doorway. The wizardess and Ajax both took to the air, and the warforged too! As I climbed past the makeshift barricade, they flew over it or through windows. Inside, there was a large warforged-looking creature trying to break through the floor hatch, and the wizardess and I began to take care of him while Brother Ajax and our warforged went after a still-invisible attacker. At one point, there was a huge explosion, much like the fireballs they hurl during our military training, and then a crazy glow like that of a dragonmark—”

At this point, Dear Readers, Ms. Fairgood was pulled back to her studies by a stern acolyte. But it is now clear to us, Zack’s Commandos are behind the actions which brought the thief to justice! The unexpected presence of a warforged beast, invisibly stalking the roads of Sharn and stealing apparently with little reason, causes us to wonder: what other atrocities has Cannith created, causing crime rates to catastrophically climb in our communities? For who else could be behind such a robotic terror? And the presence of a dragonmark, powerful enough to resonate so vividly in a young novice’s memory, points clearly to one of the Great Houses. Merrix d’Cannith, the populace demands to know what you do within your sanctum mechanum! What other fearful things have you wrought?

And, as always, Dear Readers, this reporter will not rest until you know all there is to know about these goings-on. Did Ajax and his team capture the mysterious villain? These pages, and nowhere else, will illuminate the truth!


Zor, 5 Lharvion, 999
Edgin Dowrik, Special Correspondent

SHARN—Two nights running, the streets of Morik Tower have been witness to the pursuit of truth by none other than that band of quick-thinking stalwarts, Zack’s Commandos!

After their explosive encounter with a shrouded assailant Wir evening which resulted in the recovery of all stolen goods, this fighting force returned to Morik tower to continue their search for the thwarted criminal. Workers on level 54, already terrified by the city’s inability to maintain the levels above their heads, were startled by the sudden collapse of the ceiling above them.

“Yeah, there was that warforged they always have with them, Valence or summat, and that woman with the witch-streak. Plus a goblin, I think, and of course Zedd himself!” Alfie Melmac was working late last night, inventorying his uncle’s textiles warehouse. “They just come on crashing down, all surprised-like, well, except for that lady. She just come right on down, all floatin’ like nothin’s goin’ on, her coat all billowed out. Woulda been pretty if she didn’t look right peeved. Then they all look around, like they’s searchin’ somethin’ up, and run off outta there, back to the lift.”

A cave-in, Gentle Readers! Perhaps a dastardly trap left by their nefarious quarry. Undaunted, our heroes returned whence they came, still in determined pursuit of the master criminal. Information now grows scarce, but this reporter will not fail! For those of you less inoculated against the unsavory nature of the world, suffice to say stubborn memories will tumble forth, if the questioner shows the right “mettle.” A sky-truck operator, who remains nameless, told me this:

“Yeah, I ferried a group like that last night. Had an odd lump with them in a handcart, mighta been man-sized.”

Unsurprising, then, that Zack’s Commandos have once again prevailed! Their quarry caught, the team returned to their headquarters. Our hats are off to you, Zack’s Commandos! And time will tell what adventures you may next undertake!


Far, 6 Lharvion, 999

A dwarven citizen reported being drugged and robbed by a goblin, female and less than four feet in height. Suspect may have had human accomplice, female and nondescript. Reporting citizen visibly inebriated at time of report. Incident occurred evening of 5 Lharvion or early morning of 6 Lharvion. Report filed and descriptions of suspect given to all watch patrols.


Sar, 7 Lharvion, 999
Pellith Jorseed, Reporter

SHARN—The southern branch of House Cannith has disavowed any connection to the apparent production of a new type of warforged, a House spokesman said in a news conference last night.
Recent thefts in Sharn’s warehouse district were, according to eyewitness accounts (Wir, “Zack’s Commandos Back in Sharn”), perpetrated by a large warforged, of a type previously unknown, aided by a dragonmarked individual. House Cannith South has denied the warforged nature of the thief and admits no connection to the dragonmarked person.

“Cannith South has examined the golem involved in the Morik thefts, and found nothing approaching the level of complexity or intelligence required to successfully animate a sentient construct,” said Fennick d’Cannith, close aide to Baron Merrix d’Cannith. “The golem was, in fact, a construct developed recently by Cannith South and stolen from its testing grounds. The golem was apparently modified before its use as a thieving aid.” The spokesman continued, “As to the rumor of a dragonmarked entity involved in the thefts, I can personally assure you that all dragonmarked scions of House Cannith known to Cannith South are accounted for and had no involvement in the Morik incident.”

The Cannith aide also touched on other rumors tangential to the thefts: “Cannith South continues to state, and I cannot be clear enough about this, there are no working creation forges in Sharn or any Cannith South holdings. Although we are concerned for the eventual decline in warforged population, Cannith South has no desire, nor do we possess the means, to break the Thronehold Treaty through the resumption of warforged production.”


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