Investigation details, and news from the Korranberg Chronicle

The party has continued their investigation into the murder of Aladir Tallheart, a half-elven dean at Rekkenmark Military Academy. The party’s contact in the academy is Dean Mattasin d’Deneith, a man most helpful in the investigation. Here’s what the PCs have discovered so far:

  • Tallheart was stabbed to death, twice in the back and twice in the front.
  • The chest wounds are evenly spaced and supernaturally clean, denoting some form of magical blade. Whether the wounds were two precisely placed thrusts with a single weapon, a single thrust with an exotic twin-bladed weapon, or two simultaneous thrusts with identical weapons is unclear.
  • The man who found the body, a maintenance worker named Kamik, didn’t know the dean well. He found him on his normal rounds.
  • The Rekkenmark City Police, helmed by Marshall Bertem Fellwake, are also investigating the murder, and seem disinclined to be particularly helpful.
  • Tallheart’s room was fairly orderly. Out of place were two used goblets (sans decanter or bottle), a chair that clearly was not where it belonged (it appears to have moved suddenly, as if someone stood up from it quickly), and several stacks of papers that had been rifled through and left on the floor.
  • One of those stacks was a manuscript. Tallheart appears to have been working on a military history of Karrnath. Z made a copy of those pages, but has yet to peruse them. The other papers were essays and other class materials. The victim had not yet graded any of them. Pursuant to this discovery, Mattasin is getting a class roster for Tallheart’s sections.
  • Although Tallheart’s door was not forced open at all (and, according to Kamik, was rarely locked), the door to the Deans’ Wing was picked recently, and by someone with a high level of skill.
  • The goblets were standard issue from the school’s kitchens. Denieth is also finding the staff on duty in the Deans’ Commissary the night of the murder.
  • The murder was not, it seems, part of a theft; Tallheart was discovered still wearing a valuable gold necklace and his belt pouch was full of coins.

After their visit to the police department and Marshall Fellwake, the PCs were ambushed in the city streets by a band of rogues. One of the brigands escaped with his life, but the party was able to capture the other two and save the life of the coach driver. No doubt the interrogation of these assailants will be the first order of business next week.

Also on the docket: the party’s much-anticipated training exhibition! Those PCs who stayed at the academy during the trip into town will have heard students discussing their presence. There is an undercurrent of great excitement as the population prepares to see the best squad of fighters at the school face off against one of Khorvaire’s most famous adventuring groups.

The following excerpts from the Korranberg Chronicle have a publishing date of 25 Lharvion, the morning following the events of the previous two sessions. The PCs will have no opportunity to see these articles until their evening has ended.

Wir, 25 Lharvion, 999
Edgin Dowrik, Special Correspondent

For the first time, Dear Readers, we have the singular opportunity to see the greatest heroes of our age at work! Yes, tomorrow, in a pitched imbroglio with the best officer candidates in the world, Zach’s Commandos will display their battle prowess before a live audience. Rekkenmark Academy, long the training grounds for our continent’s greatest generals, has called the group in as part of a series of training exercises intended to give students “real world” experience in a world at peace for the first time in over a century.

This reporter, at great personal risk and expense, has arrived in Rekkenmark to bring you, Gentle Reader, a blow-by-blow synopsis of what is sure to be an epic fight! Students at the academy are, certainly, rooting for their home team, the illustrious and well-decorated Squad Seven.
Squad Seven has a long history of victory, spanning generations of Rekkenmark students. The squad, in one form or another, has existed for nearly all of Rekkenmark’s nearly 900-year history, but first rose to the public eye during the Lycanthropic Purge. Led by a young paladin of the Silver Flame, the squad rid the northwest of Karrnath of countless wrebeasts. During the Last War, the squad saw a great deal of action as the living soldiers of Karrnath’s armies shrank in number. In 952, the squad, led by a young colonel in the Karrnathi army, defended Karrnath’s southern border while the fortress of Loren Rath awaited reinforcements. That colonel eventually became a full general; after retiring, Calvin ir’Falkorin returned to the school that forged him, now as its headmaster.

“These peacetime recruits run the risk of going soft,” Falkorin said. “These training exercises are one of the best means we have of testing their resolve under fire. I have no doubt Squad Seven will acquit themselves well against these paramilitary upstarts.”

The General’s disdain may be misplaced, as longtime readers are well aware. Zach’s Commandos have a history of their own, and one that includes military service throughout the Five Nations and Khorvaire. Aleph Kraal, the current leader of Squad Seven, has reason to be cautious.

“The Commandos have more battlefield experience individually than the entirety of the Squad, combined,” Kraal confided. “And at least one of them was trained by the Karrnathi military. They are certainly less organized than any of Rekkenmark’s squads, but that doesn’t mean they are a threat to be dismissed. Still, with the right preparation and due diligence, I’m confident Squad Seven will prevail even against this veteran force.”

Yes, Dear Readers! Tomorrow’s events promise to be full of tension and wonder! This reporter, along with the throngs of students and Karrnathi citizens, will be there to recount this conflict to you. You’ll only read it, as always, in the Korranberg Chronicle!

Wir, 25 Lharvion, 999

A group of six, male, first-year Academy students were detained, along with four male human citizens, for fighting in a public street. The cause of the fight was apparently over placing odds on the upcoming Exhibition at the Academy. The betmaster, a male citizen, was arrested for operating an unlawful gambling operation, and awaits hearing. The other offenders were released on promise of good behavior.


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